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Community Ambition Programme

The Programme focuses on the Bangladeshi and Muslim community across North East Essex and Suffolk. The project will form and expand partnerships with statutory and voluntary organisations working in partnership with the Ipswich Bangladeshi Community, linking in with other BAME networks within the Integrated Care Systems to share best practices. 

The project aims to improve access to health services and information sharing. Through outreach community development, needs will be identified alongside health professionals to design one to one tailored support from onset through a series of supportive conversations face to face, phone or online for those in priority or have high health needs. Many do not have the right information format/language and knowledge about services, how to access them or knowledge about their rights. BWAE advocates aim to do this differently offering interpreting/advocacy/ information and signposting services to support his/her tailor-made action plan with culturally sensitive care.

This project aims to work closely with statutory bodies and network with voluntary organisations including BAME groups to share and develop an educational package virtually as well as face to face workshop for health professionals in the NHS to provide a greater understanding of the needs of the Asian community by extending knowledge and building on being open-minded to develop services according to the needs of the community.

BAME individuals experience different rates of mental health. Things such as fear, stigma, and lack of culturally sensitive treatment act as a barrier to accessing mental health care. BWAE project aims to offer a structured journey of individualised, culturally sensitive care to reduce inequalities in access, experience and outcome. Support can be accessed by supportive conversations, education and awareness workshops and patient and carer stories.

BAME women are particularly socially isolated for a variety of reasons left feeling alone and vulnerable. BWAE will continue to build on supporting women through supportive conversations, information and accessing available BAWE activities. COVID-19 has hit BAME communities in many ways from existing inequalities in housing, employment, finances and other issues which have also had a greater impact on the mental health of BAME groups.

 By the end of the need’s assessment, the following will be identified to design services:

  • High priority health problems and services.

  • An indication of the magnitude of the health problem and services.

  • A target group with a set of clearly identified characteristics. 

  • A set of contributing factors for the health problem and services.

  • An indication of community resources to be involved in the health planning process.

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